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Fanfic: Hinata-Centric [15 Oct 2013|10:15am]


Title: Even Through Aeons

Author: holmesfreak1412

Fandom: Naruto- Alternative Universe

Featuring: Hyuuga Hinata

Genre: Tragedy, Romance

Rating: T

Description: Teams change but some things just don't. Five teams Hyuuga Hinata could have belonged to where love is always on the one side.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Naruto Franchise.

AN: So I decided to make this a series instead, where I will pair Hinata with virtually, everyone XD. This is already the third of these sets that incorporates the same style, following those ones with part of the Konoha 11 and Akatsuki. This time I am aiming for the generation-kind-of-plot-device where Hinata belongs to the legendary teams and falls in love :D

May I remind you guys however that this is only AU and thus, I may actually make up the composition of some teams, specifically Team Tobirama, which I included Danzo in for convenience's sake and Team Jiraiya where I added an unnamed OC. And no, each numbered installments stands alone and thus is completely unconnected with another.

Important: Reportedly, some guy says I have violated some rule by posting five drabbles in a single oneshot without them even reading it. I don't know about these people (read: trolls) but I don't think you are entitled to read fanfiction without belonging to the fandom you just have decided to spam with your know-it-all comments. It is really obvious to me this person must have never heard of Naruto or else he would realize I actually am not trying to make an article from an existent team. Seriously?


Even Through Aeons

001 Team Tobirama

Shimura Danzo— Hyuuga Hinata— Saratobi Hiruzen

Team Tobirama is all about being first. One cannot really blame them at that because then again, they are supposed to be. After all, they are one of the shinobi world's first established genins, burdened to make a mark for the succeeding generations, tasked by those before them to create a name for themselves. The life of a ninja is like such of a perilous race. It is unpredictable but one way or another, you have to finish first.

Shimura Danzo, with his scarred jaw and shaggy hairstyle has long since resolved to do so. Like his sensei the Nidaime, he wants to be ahead of everyone else in the marathon. He wants to be acknowledged, loved, respected, and feared. He wants to sit up a pedestal. He wants his face carved into stone for all to see. He wants to be Hokage. And even though Hiruzen with his natural talent and infuriating patriotism is forever in his way or the fact that his beautiful teammate Hinata who Danzo unconditionally loved for as long as she started catching up with the always one-step-ahead Hiruzen, never even looked back at him, Danzo never stops. He just runs and runs in order to keep up. Maybe then, when he is finally first, his angel Hinata will finally see him and realize that in all those years she chased after the great, great Hiruzen, Danzo has been running with her all along, pausing with her just when he needs to catch her breath and take away his.

But when Hinata dies shortly before Hiruzen becomes Hokage at her sacrifice, Danzo only runs faster. This time, he knows he doesn't have to pause. This time, there no longer is the precious her to be worth slowing down for.

He kills all the rebellious Hyuugas when Hiruzen's flawed sense of peace failed to. Danzo knew he could and he succeeds.

After all, he has her eyes.

002 Team Hiruzen

Orochimaru- Hyuuga Hinata - Jiraiya

Team Hiruzen is all about being a legend. And making it clear that they aren't just big, fearsome names. When they do something, it is because they have untainted reputations to keep. Nothing more. Nothing less. The three of them are great actors. They do a good enough job acting like the Sannins this hateful war made them to be.

But Orochimaru knows full well that Team Hiruzen, in the sense of the word is not much of a team. Sure, having a comrade with the powerful Byakugan or Sage taijutsu is perfect to overshadow the secret he hides within his sleeves. But that is only as far as their connection will ever be. If anything, the three of them only wanted nothing more than to keep themselves out of each other's business. Jiraiya, for all his unrequited love with their ravishing teammate, never talked to her like he should, concentrating instead on being some pathetic pervert. Hinata on the other hand, like the lovestruck girl Orochimaru despised, is too busy with her ambitious lover to notice the awkwardness. Orochimaru, not wanting the piece of hell the fragility of human beings creates, never tells. He just lets his teammates that are not much of one in the first place, rot in there.

When he sees pretty Hinata weep over the untimely death of her misguidedly optimistic boyfriend, Orochimaru doesn't feel sorry.

He never liked watching them kiss.


003 Team Jiraiya

OC— Hyuuga Hinata— Namikaze Minato

Team Jiraiya is all about securing the future— like making the best of today for tomorrow. Sounding like a corporate slogan, the inside players likewise benefit from it. They may after all be as well the so-called children of prophecy. And everybody wants peace right?

Jiraiya-sensei, a big nuisance as he is to the female population, believes so. And how everyone who does can actually work for it if they only really just tried. But seeing the bloody war between nations unfold before his very eyes, even a student of the legendary sannin can be rendered extremely unenthusiastic to this ambitious endeavor. To begin with, this boy is not very zealous in nature and even as he watches his teammates, Minato who has always been the prodigy and Hinata who doesn't stop trying become stronger and stronger, this one only chooses to idle and behold his friends as they strive harder. When he falls for Hinata, it is already too late. She is already too far ahead with Minato to see him. With them is that Uzumaki jinchuuriki and maybe with all her Byakugan, Hinata is just plain blind because she continues to love Minato even though to The Boy, it is obvious the his teammate never will.

Minato is not there when the boy chooses to die for Hinata. And with regret, he muses that perhaps had he tried to be stronger, he will actually see more of the girl who doesn't, never did.


004 Team Minato

Uchiha Obito— Hyuuga Hinata— Hatake Kakashi

Team Minato is all about hope— or at least that is what their always busy sensei, who is never in there when they need him, always says. But for Obito, one thing is only certain. He wants to believe that. In this time of war where total darkness reigns over the land, Obito thinks that eye in the moon to watch over everyone will sure help. Like a beam of light in the gloom, it will be everyone's hope. Obito believes in God and that He is just somewhere up there, obscured. Obito is the kind of naïve guy who likes to look at the brighter side. He doesn't lose hope. And he wants it to make a big, big difference.

So even after pretty, perfect Hinata forgets to console him on his defeat against Might Guy as she focuses her attention to the newly promoted Kakashi, Obito's smile doesn't falter. The eye of the moon will appear and it will make a big, big difference since he is a nice guy and Hinata is a nice girl and they will make a really nice couple. When during a mission, Hinata gets captured by the enemy; Obito doesn't lose hope like Kakashi did. As he lies wounded underneath a boulder, Obito smiles like he never did to the girl he dearly loves and consents to give his right eye to Kakashi. In death, Obito only wants to be their hope. He shall be the eye in their moon.

When he watches Hinata die however, he loses all this.

But not the hope that she can still be alive when his eye in the moon finally comes.

005 Team Kakashi

Uchiha Sasuke — Hyuuga Hinata — Uzumaki Naruto

Team Kakashi is all about failure. Nobody dares to say that but it's true anyway. A team is one that lets themselves forget that there are only two bells for three people, selfless, abandoning personal interests for the better good for everybody else. A team is not where you realize that you care, in fact for the wrong person and that you should better be off alone. A team is what it is made from. And from the way they made theirs, they weren't much of one.

They don't even look at each other. And as infatuated Sasuke stares at attractive Hinata who in turn never notices as she intently watches her beloved Naruto glare at his hated obsession, Sasuke, the latter knows he doesn't want this.

When Sasuke leaves Konohagakure without the desperate interference from Hinata he secretly hopes for, the avenger knows that there is no turning back.

Because even if he manages to swallow his sentiments and actually kill her, he will never obtain the power Itachi said he should have when the time comes. They never were as close as he initially wanted them to be, right?


Do you have any ideas for any next series (Hinata x Anyone)? If so, just review or drop me a PM. I am the type of writer who has to be stimulated. And I like reading reviews so this may sound like begging, but… *puppy-dog eyes.

Currently, I am writing an RTN version of Oblivious As She Is. So guys better watch out for that.

Strengthen yourself

Fanfic: Hinata-Centric [15 Oct 2013|10:09am]


Title: When They Kill (#2 EVeryone Loves Hinata Series)

Author: holmesfreak1412

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Hyuuga Hinata and Akatsuki

Genre: Romance, Tragedy

Rating: T

Language: English

Summary: Seven possibilities with Hyuuga Hinata that would have made our favorite Akatsuki members who they could have been.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Naruto Franchise.

Note: Hinata's name means "place under the sun".



When They Kill


001 Sasori

When Sasori kills Hinata, he makes sure she is intact enough to belong in his increasing collection of the shinobi world's beauty. He doesn't render her into ugly, pitiful pieces when he stabs her, carefully immobilizing her with the right tools, quickly, cleanly. She breathes in the poison in what he knows is surrender to save her friends and goes off quick, painlessly. Sasori of the Red Sand is satisfied. She has the right kekkei genkai and being the ventriloquist genius of Sunagakure in the last Shinobi World War, he knows full well what the famed Byakugan can do. He takes her home then and begins to work for the masterpiece that sees so much, nobody has ever seen it before.

When he is finished, he thinks she is the most beautiful thing. Staring at the indigo-haired humanoid with the white-featureless eyes that seems to scrutinize him in all its lifeless glory, Sasori remembers how those same orbs fought with determination to stall him off, how even in hopelessness, those eyes kept believing it stood a chance to see through Sasori's art, how contrary to its all-seeing reputation, it didn't really see everything. Sasori recalls that her name was Hinata and how he thought it actually sounded rather off for the girl whose demeanor didn't seem to fit for someone who liked to linger in a place under the sun. But nevertheless, as he completes his latest beautiful puppet, he names her the same way. For once, Sasori the Great will give the poor, hopeless but attractive enough kunoichi the existence she could have deserved. He will give her a place under the sun.

When he uses her in battle, she makes him see everything.

Including how it could have been if she were alive instead,

002 Deidara

When Deidara kills Hinata, he uses his extra-magnificent fireworks to dazzle her. She has already resolved enough to die almost willingly so might as well make it as beautiful as it could be.

But as the selfless Hyuuga girl smiles in appreciation for the explosion of colors culminating her own end, Deidara finds himself regretting things too late.

She is the first, first ever to think death within his jutsu is a really nice way to go.

He wishes he has known beforehand.

003 Hoshigaki Kisame

When Kisame kills Hinata, he thinks it's such a waste.

He appreciates discrepancies. And as the odd shark boy junchuuriki-without-a-tail from Kirigakure, he knows how much it means when he sees something different from time to time. When he saw Tobi being amusing amidst the Akatsuki's gloomy façade, Kisame smiled. When Itachi was finally defeated, his grief was not as worse as it could have been. And when he met the determined, but-not-so-aggressive Hyuuga chuunin-level kunoichi from Konoha, he wished he didn't have to cut her up.

But he should. And it's a consolation how she didn't cry out like all the rest did.

004 White Zetsu

When White Zetsu kills Hinata, he feels sorry.

He liked it when he was pretending to be her. She was unique. And he liked observing such, makes them more of a challenge.

She is too thin to be even chewable too. Zetsu thinks she is better off living.

005 Uchiha Itachi

When Itachi kills Hinata, he remembers Shisui.

And it felt like activating the Mangekyu Sharingan all over again.

006 Nagato

When Nagato kills Hinata, he looks at Konan.

She still loves Yahiko and as the memories of his former teammate's noble sacrifice that mirrors the girl's who loved Uzumaki Naruto own come flooding in, Nagato only feels the pain. And he doesn't know why but he makes sure he saves chakra up for the seventh path.

Seeing the girl who sounded like Yahiko die makes him rather open enough for negotiations.

007 Uchiha Obito

Hearing her talk that way to that Uzumaki Naruto makes Obito think that even in this world, Rin is not yet dead after all.

For that reason, Obito doesn't kill Hinata.



I know the romance is all but only shallowly implied in here. Tell me if you don't understand and I'll try to explain it. But as much as possible, I'd like this for you to figure out yourselves, if you know what I mean.

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Fanfic: Hinata-Centric [15 Oct 2013|09:58am]


Title: Oblivious As She Is (#1 Everyone Loves Hinata Series)

Author: holmesfreak1412

Fandom: Naruto

Featuring: Hyuuga Hinata and Uzumaki Naruto with Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru, Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji

Rating: K

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Language: English

Summary: Six things Hinata doesn't know about herself that the six boys in her life do.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Naruto Franchise



Oblivious As She Is



001 Inuzuka Kiba

Kiba is not friendzoned. Why should he be? He never was in love with his teammate, the pretty Hyuuga heiress with a gifted front that somehow never weighs her down. Or with the way her face reddens, how embarrassment at the thought of a certain someone being so paints her cheeks in a way that is superior to any kind of facial paint. Or even how she says his name so breathlessly it almost comes out like a seductive purr. Nor is he in love with the fact that she seems to be Akamaru's "second master" or how she never surrenders even when he bluntly told her so. No, Kiba is definitely not in love with all those months she painstakingly grew her hair out or how she is a bad cook but an exceptionally skilled baker. Not how she loves autumn but hates winter. No, none of these things. And because he doesn't love this Hyuuga Hinata, Kiba doesn't notice her all to feminine fighting pose pr her radiant smile even at the worst moments or the fiery determination behind it. He doesn't notice how she tries harder even if she doesn't succeed or how she tells him the same thing when he fails. He doesn't notice how he himself follows her advice and how when he finally gets through, she looks really happy.

Kiba doesn't love Hinata. He knows he should have. But she loves that Naruto too much she almost was unloveable to him. This is a rivalry Kiba doesn't have much chance with. Not when he doesn't hold the choice. Or when he already knows well what it shall be.

No, even when he noticed it, Kiba wasn't hurt when she cheered for Naruto during that match in the Chuunin Exams. But the ointment sure is quite a consolation. At the very least, they can still be that good as friends.

No, Kiba is never friendzoned. Why should he be? He is too good a friend to love Hinata when she loves another. She is too good a friend to be wasted in a hopeless romance. They are too good as friends to be involved in life's tragic tessellation of eternal love triangle.

And anyway, he has Akamaru, doesn't he?

002 Aburame Shino

Shino has always been somewhat regarded as one with questionable sense of aesthetics. What is unsanitary, dirty and abhorrent to most is beautiful to him. His insects are precious and maybe people can attribute this peculiar fondness to the fact that it's his trade and that any shinobi from a noble clan should know enough to be proud of their arsenal. After all, his bugs has successfully kept him alive to this day and a handhold, even a precarious one, is pretty to anyone who is falling.

But to Shino, it is not his survival that matters. What only the initiated knows is that his insects feed on his chakra and the only way they can ever live is to keep him alive, willingly, selflessly if necessary. Shino sees them in all their glory when they do that, thanks to his enhanced spectacles that makes Shizune's microscope pale in comparison or even anyone's dojutsu. As a young Aburame trainee, Shino took pride at the fact that neither the Hyuuga's famed Byakugan nor the Uchiha's mystical Sharingan could see the best in the worse of things like his own eyes did.

But during the truth or dare game they had back when they were genins as Hinata admitted to them that she likes Uzumaki Naruto of the Academy Bottom Four, Shino could have realized otherwise. Naruto was probably the worst choice she had for a crush. What her reason was, Shino only did wonder. Three years later however as Naruto comes back a village hero, Shino knows. Hinata saw the best of the jinchuriki before everybody else did. And that makes her more beautiful to him.

Hinata is very beautiful. He hates Naruto for never noticing that.

But more than that, Shino hates himself for not telling her.

After all to Hinata, he is always the last one to be addressed even when he came first.

003 Nara Shikamaru

Hinata is not like Ino or Temari. . But she can get what they do all the same. And more. She just have her way. Maybe that so-called ninja way of hers. Nevertheless, Shikamaru is too lazy to prod further. He just thinks Hinata is a nice thing to look at after hanging out too much with feisty women like his mother. She is not similar but she is not really different either. He likes her lack of aggression as she pursues with determination, much unlike as to how Temari wields that giant fan of hers in retaliation or how Ino chases a guy she likes like it's her life's agenda. He likes how Hinata doesn't seem to really lose her cool even in the most trying moments or the way she would seem like a shadow amongst the other girls but seems to stand out more that way. He likes how when he is old and only lazing around with a book to write, he would base this heroine to this shy , quiet, persevered Hyuuga who in all her silence, doesn't fail to turn his head.

Watching Naruto and Hinata hold hands against the Juubi, Shikamaru wonders if this can be the end of a yet unwritten tale.

He then decides he's going to make it a series instead.

004 Hyuuga Neji

Call it a crush but when Neji first saw Hinata-sama, he thought she was cute.

He dies happy when he realizes he still does.


005 Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke doesn't know what she has with Naruto really— he hadn't been in Konohagakure for long to get privy of these things— but back then, he always felt her looking past him towards his teammate, unmindful of his presence, more preoccupied by this blond excuse they have to theoretically balance a team. She didn't have a name then, Sasuke preferring to refer to her as that creepy Hyuuga girl from Aburame Shino's team, so quiet, so reserved, so different. Not once did Sasuke hear her speak and he almost would come to the conclusion that she couldn't until Sakura told him about otherwise and later, from one of Naruto's usual tirades just after the semi finals of the Chuunin Exams, where Sasuke realized that she is more than just a mute girl.

She never spoke to him. Nor did he ever try to imagine how her voice must have sounded. But three years as a missing-nin doesn't really stop him from wondering what has become of this taciturn, timid girl— who Suigetsu or maybe even Sasuke had things been different— would have liked.

When he thinks of her, she never has a voice.

So when she unexpectedly calls him with his given name, he impulsively tells her to shut up.

She shouldn't be talking.

006 Uzumaki Naruto

Come to think of it, Kurama might not be the only one there for him all along, unnoticed, unappreciated.

Blazing with the Kyuubi's power , Naruto holds her hand, knowing that, because they are so similar, Kyuubi wouldn't let her be burned.


Yay! My first try in the Naruto fandom. I am much aware that it is rather short and maybe, incoherent in a way. But as I am busy right now, I can't bring myself to publish my handwritten completed NejiHina fic (which is my ship) so I decided to only make do with this one as an experiment if the fanfic fandom is okay for my taste :D Review please? I really would like to hear your thoughts.

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New Fic [09 Oct 2011|11:49pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Rivals
Author: Edelin
Rating: T
Summary:Companion Fic to Bandage. Where Itachi and Sasuke have to face the truth and the lies between them while Hinata finds herself in the middle of that very difficult attempt for the two Brothers to restore their relationship.

Part 1:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7450705/1/Rivals
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Fic [05 Sep 2011|01:01am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: Bandage
Author: Edellin
Couple: Itachi/Hinata
Rating: T
Summary:Everything was supposed to be so simple, if his plan had worked. Yet, it seemed that destiny had other plans for him. ItaHina OneShot. Starts right after Itachi and Sasuke's fight.


So... if you want, take a look XD

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hinata fanart [14 Aug 2011|10:17pm]


Hinata in Red by ~forgottentea on deviantART

Hinata by ~forgottentea on deviantART
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Why, hello there! [18 Oct 2010|12:16am]

I bring you guys some fanfiction :D

Title: Night Becomes Her
Summary: Hinata's last moments before her death.
Pairing: SasuHina
A/N: Just kinda came up with it while listening to Chance by Patrick O'Hearn. Figured I'd write about my favorite crack pairing :) Don't be shy, please feel free to give me some tips to better my writing! I haven't written in a while so I'm kinda rusty. (Also, sorry if I spam your flist D:)
Here!@ My journal
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Searching for a Fic [10 Oct 2010|04:34pm]

Hey everybody!!

I'm looking for a fic I had once found on FanFiction.net (probably a few years ago).

It was a threesome fic if I recall correctly. Hinata & Sakura were married to Naruto (who was Hokage). Though I can't be sure if it was Hinata or Sakura who was actually married to him or if they both were, or whose p.o.v. it was told in.

I can't remember any other details (so sorry about that, it's not much help).

I hope someone can point me in the right direction^^

Please & Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!!

(To the Mods: Please let me know if this isn't allowed, if not, I will take it down. Thanks~)
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Fanarto [05 Jul 2010|03:35pm]


Bow chicka bow bow

Read more...Collapse )

DA link

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Hinata fanart [17 Apr 2010|01:58am]

A little something I did for a friend :3

Read more...Collapse )

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New Fanworks Community [23 Jan 2010|09:29pm]

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know about a brand-new Naruto fanworks challenge community.

Naruto Weekly Challenge (forgive the unimaginative name) is a challenge community along the same veins as communities like 31_days. Every Saturday, 3 new prompts are given, and interested artists/writers/icon-ers have until the following Saturday to make use of those prompts. It's low-pressure, and fun for creators of all skill-levels, so please check it out! ^__^
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Fanfic (drabble) complete [07 Dec 2009|11:38am]

[ mood | freezing ]

Title: Progression
Author: rinhail
Pairing: None. Hinata Hyuuga, appearance from a OC and mention of Hiashi Hyuuga
Rating: PG for character death and OOC.

She was kneeling, ear softly pressed against the thin paper of the door. The shadowy winter twilight cast a faint shadow against it, no doubt alerting the inside occupants of her presence. But they did not heed her any interest. The grave moans and sound of fingernails raking against tatami floor, kept their focus on the being causing the ruckus. She was free to move as she pleased. For she would be, in few months time, until the days of her life end.

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A Touch Lost or Forgotten {. . . but found and recalled again} [10 Oct 2009|05:40pm]

Title: A Touch Lost or Forgotten
Hyuuga Hinata
50 Shinobi Theme:
#18 : Dreams
Pairing: Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata
PG, K+ (for some low-crude language and somewhat-indecent thoughts)
Disclaimer: I had all rights to Naruto, the anime, and its characters. . . then, I woke up.

Is it a dream or is it not  dream, that is the question. One would never know but it's clear they would never look at each other the same way ever again.

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Fanart [11 Jun 2009|12:26am]

Title: First Flower of the season
Type: General
Pairing/Character: Hinata Hyuuga
Rating: G
Warnings: None


For all you Hinata fans out there.

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: chuunin , naruto_fanworks , sunnyday_love
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[31 May 2009|08:01pm]

Another NejiHina fic for everyone, this one's for my claim at 30_kisses

Title: Silken Flowers
Author/Artist: tasogaretaichou
Pairing: Hyuuga Neji x Hyuuga Hinata
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: #19 - Red
Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine

She'd spent the last two weeks taking the same detourCollapse )
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[17 Apr 2009|12:23am]

So yeah.... It's been about 6 months or so since I bothered to crosspost ANYTHING in regards to fanfiction. That being said, have an uuber-post. I'm sorry that this isn't all sectioned, and that you will find things in this post that do not pertain to your specific comm. However, there's just too much of it to take the time to split it up. That being said, please enjoy the fanfiction that goes with your particular interests. Enjoy, everyone~ For anything that's chaptered that you want to find the previous portions to, just go to this link and look it up on the main directory. ^__^

Multiple Fandom Dump Behind CutCollapse )
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[03 Apr 2009|12:22am]

[ mood | creative ]

Yeah since the new chapter is coming soon and Hinata survives, I think we should celebrate a little and therefore I've showing one of my best deviation of Hinata. You can also find it at my own deviantart account.


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[27 Mar 2009|12:32am]

441 spoilersCollapse )
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chapter 438 [06 Mar 2009|01:58pm]

[ mood | touched ]

See? Hinata survived! Yes I was prepared for the worst, but it turns out that we don't need to worry about it anymore(I hope). ^^ Okay she was very injured. But the point is that she survived and she still breath and I just hope that every uptight bloody narutards from some specific paringwars-drama just shut their fuck up and move on with their whiny ass, even the most popular narutards who just can't stop whine about how boring and dumb Hinata was, blahblahblahblah.(Srsly when no one tried to save Naruto when all his frogs were knocked down or dead, someone else got to do this shit and Hinata made her choice to do this even though she risked her life! Even if she hadn't confessed she would still try to help him because of her good kind nature. That's how Hinata is.) It's getting really old and I think people talks WAY too much about paringwars, but very less about the chapters and the actions. It really pissed me off. At least Hinata did NOT die! and i could not be happier about it! :D

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Hinata. 437 Rants about fantards. [27 Feb 2009|09:55pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay here I go... WARNING!! If you do not want to see the rants, please leave now. This has something to do with Naruto chapter 437.


Wow... just wow...
I'm very shocked about the fantards behavior! All of them! First naruhina-fantards, then narusaku-fantards, then also nejihina-fantards as well!
My first questions? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!??

First of all, Hinata is just a character, a human with feelings too! She may be quiet, shy and not brash and outgoing like the other girls, but she has the feelings too, even though I do not personally agree about Naruto as her first choice. Of course she makes mistakes, but again I already understood her reasons to her actions. She wanted to help, she hated to feel helpless and burden even though she knew she was not strong enough to defeat Pein. (well srsly even Kakashi failed for that) She was tired about being shunned all the time, I knew sooner or later she would go somewhat crazy! Many girls and also boys had some foolish crush before! It's not like Hinata is the only one who had the silly crush! It's normal, come on people! About naruhina, yeah, yeah I know a of you love it so much and I respect that, I was even proud of her when she was determined to fight even if she wouldn't make it, but please, calm down will yaa.
The first thing is that is Hinata alive or not? And what if she survives and Naruto doesn't respond to her feelings later on? Narusaku... oh dear... many of these fantards are just horrible, some even made anti-clubs about Hinata in the sake of Sakura. Srsly I may not be Sakura-fan, but I did not remember since when would Sakura hate Hinata. They hardly talked to each other! Sakura's main rival are still Ino, amirite? And for some nejihina-fantards; Grow up! I may also be nejihina-fan, but I'm not that type who adores arrange marriages, curse seals and all angsty-crap. I prefer mutual relationships when it comes of two people's will. I've read 50s of nejihina fanfictions with the same shitty subjects. even though i really dislikes 100s of naruhina disney/cheesy fanfictions as well.

If you guys didn't knew, arranged marriage was the way to control the men property and women were just one of the properties, and even animals were treated better than this. Also arrange marriage wasn't only because of tradition for both parents, it could also be for the business(like selling brides) and peace-trial(like many kingdoms and warriors were exchanging people like princes and princess into those marriage), women had no rights when it comes to that and it still happens in too many situations, so don't try speak so fucking highly about it! I'm sick of this bullshit!

Not for even 60years ago, my grandma was forced to be married when she was 13 and only because her older brother who had a family already thought she was just another mouth to be fed and trust me, it was not funny for her part! Not for a second! She was lucky enough that my grandpa(her husband) cared enough for her so she could have some freedom, like going to school for example before having children unlike her younger days when she forced to work at her older brother's household.

ok, that's all for rants. i'm done.

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