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Hinata. 437 Rants about fantards.

Okay here I go... WARNING!! If you do not want to see the rants, please leave now. This has something to do with Naruto chapter 437.


Wow... just wow...
I'm very shocked about the fantards behavior! All of them! First naruhina-fantards, then narusaku-fantards, then also nejihina-fantards as well!
My first questions? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!??

First of all, Hinata is just a character, a human with feelings too! She may be quiet, shy and not brash and outgoing like the other girls, but she has the feelings too, even though I do not personally agree about Naruto as her first choice. Of course she makes mistakes, but again I already understood her reasons to her actions. She wanted to help, she hated to feel helpless and burden even though she knew she was not strong enough to defeat Pein. (well srsly even Kakashi failed for that) She was tired about being shunned all the time, I knew sooner or later she would go somewhat crazy! Many girls and also boys had some foolish crush before! It's not like Hinata is the only one who had the silly crush! It's normal, come on people! About naruhina, yeah, yeah I know a of you love it so much and I respect that, I was even proud of her when she was determined to fight even if she wouldn't make it, but please, calm down will yaa.
The first thing is that is Hinata alive or not? And what if she survives and Naruto doesn't respond to her feelings later on? Narusaku... oh dear... many of these fantards are just horrible, some even made anti-clubs about Hinata in the sake of Sakura. Srsly I may not be Sakura-fan, but I did not remember since when would Sakura hate Hinata. They hardly talked to each other! Sakura's main rival are still Ino, amirite? And for some nejihina-fantards; Grow up! I may also be nejihina-fan, but I'm not that type who adores arrange marriages, curse seals and all angsty-crap. I prefer mutual relationships when it comes of two people's will. I've read 50s of nejihina fanfictions with the same shitty subjects. even though i really dislikes 100s of naruhina disney/cheesy fanfictions as well.

If you guys didn't knew, arranged marriage was the way to control the men property and women were just one of the properties, and even animals were treated better than this. Also arrange marriage wasn't only because of tradition for both parents, it could also be for the business(like selling brides) and peace-trial(like many kingdoms and warriors were exchanging people like princes and princess into those marriage), women had no rights when it comes to that and it still happens in too many situations, so don't try speak so fucking highly about it! I'm sick of this bullshit!

Not for even 60years ago, my grandma was forced to be married when she was 13 and only because her older brother who had a family already thought she was just another mouth to be fed and trust me, it was not funny for her part! Not for a second! She was lucky enough that my grandpa(her husband) cared enough for her so she could have some freedom, like going to school for example before having children unlike her younger days when she forced to work at her older brother's household.

ok, that's all for rants. i'm done.
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