gordafarid (gordafarid) wrote in hinatafans,

chapter 438

See? Hinata survived! Yes I was prepared for the worst, but it turns out that we don't need to worry about it anymore(I hope). ^^ Okay she was very injured. But the point is that she survived and she still breath and I just hope that every uptight bloody narutards from some specific paringwars-drama just shut their fuck up and move on with their whiny ass, even the most popular narutards who just can't stop whine about how boring and dumb Hinata was, blahblahblahblah.(Srsly when no one tried to save Naruto when all his frogs were knocked down or dead, someone else got to do this shit and Hinata made her choice to do this even though she risked her life! Even if she hadn't confessed she would still try to help him because of her good kind nature. That's how Hinata is.) It's getting really old and I think people talks WAY too much about paringwars, but very less about the chapters and the actions. It really pissed me off. At least Hinata did NOT die! and i could not be happier about it! :D
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